Struggling to get that 10% credit card cashback?

Us too. That’s why we built SAVR.

Clutter Free

SAVR was designed to be simple and easy to use. No cluttered interfaces and information overloads.

Secure and Fast

You control the data you allow SAVR to see, and all data is stored in your phone, making SAVR super responsive.

Personalized by AI

Using advanced Machine Learning Algorithms, your SAVR experience will be completely customized to suit you.

Claim the cashback that you deserve.

Tired of always feeling frustrated at the end of the month when you receive your credit card statement but realize you didn’t qualify for that 8% cashback that you thought you should have gotten?


Step 1 - Launch

Standing in line about to make a payment but unsure which credit card to use that qualifies for the highest cashback? Just launch SAVR.

Step 2 - Track

We’ll also keep track of all your spendings on each of  your individual cards that you have so you know exactly how close you are to fulfiling those pesky T&Cs

Step 3 - SAVR

At the end of the month, just enjoy that sweet cashback from all your different credit cards but without the hassle of trying to remember which card to use 🙂

Catch SAVR in Action

You no longer have to stress yourself out or fiddle around at the checkout counter trying to figure out which card to use or whether you’ve met the criteria of a particular card’s rewards scheme.

Beta Launch Coming Soon.

This is not your typical budgeting or expense tracking app. With advanced AI algorithms, SAVR tells you exactly which card you should use for any purchase.

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